Jesus the One and Only… a review

Not only did I get a Bible to review 
this month,
I got this…


Jesus, The One and Only,
by my favorite Bible teacher,
Beth Moore.

Years ago,
I did the member workbook for Jesus The One and Only.

I loved it.

And, now,
that study is in an easy-to-read paperback.


About the book:

In Jesus, the One and Only, best-selling author
and Bible teacher Beth Moore invites you to know
Christ personally. Watch and listen as He breaks 
up a funeral by raising the dead, confronts conniving
religious leaders of His day, teaches on a Galilean 
hillside, or walks on the waves and calms the storm.

Like a ragtag band of followers two thousand years ago,
you will never be the same again after such an up close
and personal encounter.

“He is Jesus, the One and Only, transcendent over all else,”
writes Moore. “To know Him is to love HIm. To love Him is
to long for Him. To long for him is to finally reach soul hands
into the One true thing we need never get enough of…
Jesus Christ. He’s all you need.”

Available for the first time in trade paper, this new edition
also features an excerpt from Moore’s Jesus, the One and Only
Bible study.… from the publisher


A few thoughts of my own…

This book is written in ten parts with
five chapters for each part, which allows
it to be an easy-to-read, easy-to-study

Each chapter is just a few pages, so that
I don’t feel overwhelmed with information.
Instead, this allows me to digest what I’ve

I like the conversation style
of the chapters.


I love reading Beth Moore.
Over the years, I have learned much from
her knowledge and style of teaching.

While I like this book and the format it offers,
I like her fill-in-the-blank, dig-through-your-Bible
member books better.

***disclaimer, I was sent this Bible for my honest review.
All thoughts are mine and I received no other compensation
for this blog post.


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