why I like Mother’s Day and a FREEBIE or two…

After the reading I’ve done this week,
I’m wondering if I am a one woman minority.

I like Mother’s Day.

However, it seems as if many women believe
Mother’s Day
is actually a day that belittles and
degrades women and discriminates
against those who are not mothers.


Apparently, to those who worry
about such things,
Mother’s Day causes
extreme stress and discomfort for women
who have either lost their own mother or
who have never had children.

Furthermore, women whose children rejoice with Jesus
or who have children that do not acknowledge them
feel that Mother’s Day discriminates against them.

And, if that were not enough,
it has been said that living up to the expectations
of Mother’s Day puts undue stress on women
who cannot seem to achieve the picture-perfect
Mother’s Day, no matter how hard they try.


Can I just say,
I think we’ve missed the point?

I have sat through church services that extol
the merits of mothering while I struggled
with my own apparent infertility.

I have spent a decade of Mother’s Days
remembering our son who is in Heaven.

I have had years where I failed my own
mother completely on Mother’s Day.

And, it’s okay.

You don’t have to change your
celebrations because I’m struggling.

Just as I don’t have to change mine.

Can’t we, instead, rejoice with those who rejoice
and mourn with those who mourn?


I love Mother’s Day simply because
it’s a day for me to look at my 3 Es and
feel blessed.

Yes, I should do this everyday,
but I sometimes forget.

I love Mother’s Day because
it’s a day for me remind my mom
of all she has done for me.

Yes, I should do this everyday,
but I often forget.

I love Mother’s Day because
it’s a day for me to seek out a woman older
and wiser and thank her for teaching me.

Yes, I should do this everyday,
but I seldom remember.


This is why I am not opposed to
Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day becomes what I make it to be.

It is a day that reminds me to be grateful
for the blessings of my 3 Es and to
remember the 4 I lost.

It is a day to be thankful for the woman who
chose to have me and to honor her.

It is a day to reach out beyond myself
to thank those women who lovingly
build into my life.

I like having a day to do so.


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