on a warm spring morning, 14 years ago…

On a warm spring morning, fourteen years ago,
he held my hand as we walked up the hospital ramp…
both of us just about jumping out of our skin in anticipation.


8:06 a.m., May 20, 1999, my secret was revealed,
I saw your image weeks before and I didn’t tell…
I knew he would be the daddy of a little girl.


Funny thing, this one knew too.
From the time he really understood there was a baby growing within,
he told everyone, “Mommy’s having a sister.”


On that warm spring morning, you changed us.
You came to fill a place reserved just for you
and to this day, you continue to change us for the better.


You came out smiling and happy,
and I watch you today and I know that joy is part of your DNA.
You just can’t help being happy.


You were named for this one
who always modeled Grace.
She believed in your dad when it seemed no one else did.


Emily Grace… that somehow in those first few days
became Emme Grace… the name that fits you like a glove.
I can’t imagine calling you anything else.


On a warm spring morning, fourteen years ago,
I became a better person
when God trusted me enough to be your mom.


It’s another Multitudes on Monday morning at Ann’s corner of the web. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate the life of this one who calls me Mom. My list today? Fourteen things gifts that came because of that warm spring morning fourteen years ago.

… the gift of grace,
… she forgives me often and much

… the gift of joy,
… this one teaches me that joy is an attitude of the heart

… the gift of laughter,
… she who has smiled and laughed her way through over 5,000 days

… the gift of adventure,
… this one whose heart is not tied to this earth and it’s creature comforts

… the gift of love,
… from one who loves deeply and completely

… the gift of faith,
… she models the faith she has in her Jesus to all

… the gift of peace,
… this one shows me what contentedness looks like


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4 thoughts on “on a warm spring morning, 14 years ago…

  1. Who is that young woman holding my grand daughter???????

  2. A beautiful song for your beautiful daughter. (stopping over from Ann’s)

  3. A beautiful song for your beautiful daughter! Happy birthday to her! (stopping over from Ann’s)

    1. Thank you! And, thanks for stopping by!

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