from this mama’s heart to yours…

My heart breaks for you,
dear mama.

My heart hurts
and it hurts most for you,
the one with the mother’s heart.

I watch and I pray
and I see images that I cannot comprehend,
in a place I’ve never been.
Pictures, video footage, and news anchors rattling on
assault my senses and yet only one image burns deep in my mind.

I see you yesterday morning putting your child on the school bus
or maybe you dropped them off at the door with a
“Have a nice day!”

You went about your business,
they went about theirs…
adding, subtracting,
sounding out words,
and studying multiplication tables.
Just another day at school.

And, now…
it will never be considered
just another day at school.

I see you standing and waiting,
bent at the shoulders and arms wrapped around
just to keep yourself upright.

You wait.
You wait as they rescue and call names.
You wait as others rejoice.
You wait as your heart shatters in a million pieces.
You wait.

These hundreds of miles away,
I can do nothing but pray.
BUT, I can pray.

In the midst of the storm raging deep within you,
please know that I see your shattered mama’s heart
and that this mama’s heart is pounding heaven’s gates
in prayer for your sweet thing that you dropped off
at school just yesterday morning.

It doesn’t seem like much,
and yet it’s everything I can do.

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