with 22 of my closest….

What is it about family? These are the ones who know you best, love you deepest, and argue with you most. They are your people and you are theirs. It doesn’t matter where you live…next-door, or across the Gulf, you are still just one conversation from being all caught up.

Three days of camping, four-wheeling, bounce-housing, camp showering (or no showering), boating, knee-boarding, camp cooking, cousin-loving time with 22 of my favorites. I am convinced that it doesn’t get much better than this, right here….

**disclaimer…I just looked through this post and realized my talented sister took some of these pictures and I simply swiped them from her Facebook.













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6 thoughts on “with 22 of my closest….

  1. still one conversation from being all caught up…love that!

    1. it’s a gift that I’ve taken for granted…it everyone has that or feels that way

  2. What a beautiful family! I am so glad our Dad gave you such a great gift this weekend. Love you!

    1. Thx Dayna! He’s good like that, isn’t He? ❤ u 2!

  3. I love that we just all start in where we left off! And that you and Gabe have older kids to help with my little one:)

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