when good things are about to happen…

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies,
but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world,
against mighty powers in this dark world,
and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:!2

I don’t know how the unseen world works. And, truly, I don’t want to know. I am quite certain it would be more than I could handle.

I often wonder, though, just how much Satan and his minions know. I wonder if they can see ahead and if they know what is in my future. I wonder because it often seems like Satan is in the know and he knows what’s coming. It seems that the attacks get greater in direct proportion to what is going on in my life spiritually.


This week is Vacation Bible School. It feels good to be back in the saddle of organizing VBS for these kids I love dearly. It feels wonderful to be part of a team working together to get a job done, and done well. It’s good for this soul of mine to serve this way. I’ve allowed myself to be out of it for too long. I may be having more fun than the kids!


Today was day one of a three day western themed VBS. My long time friend, Candy, is graciously hosting us on her ranch. It’s the real deal. Jane, the donkey, had her own spot in the Bible class and two bunnies and two chicks hung out with the preschoolers today. One of her miniature horses let little hands stroke his nose and Gracie the dog followed everyone around. One stall housed the Bank and General Store where kids deposited their “bucks” for future purchasing power. The tack room was the snack room and Eric had the kids running and playing games in the outside arena. Horses were coming and going as Candy did her daily chores around the kids. It was incredible!


I think Satan somehow knew it would be so. The attacks this week have been equally incredible. Last night, Candy had a pipe burst in her barn and had to have an emergency fix way after normal plumber’s hours. I broke out in a very itchy mysterious rash that is neither poison ivy nor is it chicken pox but resembles some sort of mix of the two and itches like crazy. Our preschool coordinator had three of her five kids get sick yesterday. And… then there are, of course, the typical, nagging miscommunications and personality conflicts.


So, I am fully expecting this VBS to be just as incredible because it seems that Satan turns up the heat when good things are about to happen.


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4 thoughts on “when good things are about to happen…

  1. I loved reading your expression of faith as you narrated the attacks of Satan. The psalmist knew how to do that , too:
    Speaking to the Lord, he said, “Spread your protection over them, so that those who love your name may exult in you. For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover them with favor as a shield.” Psalm 5:11b-12. In your photos I can see that those who love his name are exulting in him as they repel Satan’s attacks with faith that doesn’t stop. What a great post!

    1. thanks my friend! I’m so very grateful God preserved the psalms for me to read all these thousands of years later. I especially love the psalms of David.

  2. I love the pictures and the captions under them! I have a question, does Satan make bad things happen? Is Satan the person who throws bad things in our paths? Can you explain this to me because I am a bit confused.

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