a few of my favorite things…

It’s dark and cool and quiet
the sunset brilliant
the moon bright…
very summer-y.

The older and slightly wiser I get
the more “favorites” I have.

For instance winter is my favorite season
but so is summer…
if the humidity is low and the breeze is nice.

Fall is my favorite…
pumpkins, campfires, football
but so is spring
when the flowers bloom and the birds sing.

In my journey toward a grateful heart
I’m learning to appreciate so much more.

Tonight, sitting in my favorite Wisconsin deck,
listening to my favorite teenage boy voices
I am reminded, again, that the Giver of all good things
gifts above and beyond what I could ever ask or imagine.

In a day full of cousin giggles and sister talks,
a day of brothers in law working side by side
and man cubs learning alongside,
a trip to Goodwill and a stellar waterside,
all day water balloon wars and grandparent hugs…
I am sitting in this cool, quiet summer night
with a heart full of a few of my favorite things.

The greatest lesson this heart is learning
through this gratitude journey…
a heart full of a few of my favorite things is enough.
THIS is enough.

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