when it doesn’t look like the picture I created…it might be better

I am notorious for setting myself up for unmet expectations. I am quick to create an image in my mind of what a circumstance, event, or relationship will look like. While it can be somewhat fun to image how an event will play out, rarely does real life resemble my mental image.

When I first clicked “publish” after writing The Secret of Counting Gifts one person applauded. I sat in her kitchen using her high-speed Internet to upload the huge file. She clapped. I smiled. The end.

Only it wasn’t the end. In my mind I conjured up images of what writing and marketing looked like. Needless to say, I had no idea and my mental pictures were way off base. I researched and read and attempted to do what other highly successful writers had done. I tried to be just like them… even to the point of creating my own mental pictures where I enjoyed the same success they did. In the end, I wore myself out and learned a thing or two.

Namely, I learned that God has a purpose for me and that His purpose for me doesn’t look His purpose for anyone else. Instead of simply substituting my face on someone else’s picture, God has an unique masterpiece that He is creating in me for His glory. It’s not like any other. It is mine and His alone.

This had not been an easy lesson to learn, yet I’m grateful for the field trip He has me on. I’m half-way through a summer of slowing down and savoring these fleeting years. This is the only summer the man cub will be 16 and in 2 short months, I will no longer have a child in the single digits. My youngest will be a decade old! I don’t want to spend this summer trying to sell myself and a few more books. I’d rather leave all of that up to Him and spend time with the girls who make me giggle and the boy who makes me laugh.

So, the posts here are sporadic and there are more snapshots shared on Instagram…. Real life pictures, because real life is better than anything I could have imagined. Even on the hard days.


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