when you aren’t sure of your place…

Over the ground beef frying in the pan
she opened up.

Seems to always happen that way,
doesn’t it?

Just when my mind is already split
in about six directions,
real life sneaks in.

How many times have I missed real life
because I was distracted?

Interruptions came.

The conversation started and stopped
again and again and again.

It was chasing that conversation down
and sitting on her bed
when she finally said,
“I don’t know where I fit in.
I don’t think I belong.”

Oh my heart split.

We talked.
I prayed.

Yet, I never said,
“This is an ongoing battle in my own heart.
This is another of the enemy’s great lies,
one that I have believed often.
It is a lie!
You do belong!”

I think he tells this lie to many.
I think there are more than just the two of us
who struggle with this.

Our hearts need to hear
“This is where you belong.”

In hindsight,
I should have told her that yesterday
when I wrapped my arms around her
and told her that I love her.

They are the words
I will wake her with this morning.

I text another late into the night
and set a breakfast date.

Another who has believed the
lie that she doesn’t belong.

Over eggs or pancakes
I will tell her
that she does belong…

She belongs with me
in a rag-tag group of misfits
that Jesus came to save.

I’m tired of believing the lie.

I’m tired of my own girl believing the lie.

I’m tired of the next generation believing the lie,

So, for this moment in time,
I’m making it my place
to tell these sweet hearts,

You do have a place!
You are a daughter of the King of Kings!
You belong with me!


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