come grow old with me…

Come grow old with me.
The best is yet to be.


We stood outside the gate to their community pool,
saying our good-byes to dear friends
when the waning sunlight captured him just so.

He still takes my breath away.

A quick glance became a longer look
when the graying at his temples
caught my eye.

And I remembered…
I am living my dream.

Now marks the time when I’ve known him
half of my life.

Twenty-two years ago, I first saw him
in the dining hall of camp.
Both of us there as summer staff…
he with the twinkling blue eyes
that caught my heart.

Twenty-two years of being head-over-heels,
crazy-in-love with this one.

All I thought I wanted
was to grow old with him.

We drove home from that pool
three hours into the night last night,
He drove with his left
and held my hand with his right.

Small conversations marked the miles
just as small conversations have marked the years.

It was on that glance in the summer evening light
and the conversations on the way home
that I remembered this…

all I thought I wanted
was to grow old with him.

Twenty-two years ago,
I thought he was all I would ever want.

Oh, my fickle heart!

Though the years
I’ve asked for so much more
and been grateful for so much less.

And, yet, he still marks the miles
holding my hand.

And, more than ever,
all I really want is to grow old together.

~*~it’s Multitudes on Monday over at Ann’s, and it has been so long since I’ve added to my gratitude list here on the blog. So, here are a few of my grace gifts this week.

…a fun weekend
…a college roommate that has become a life friend
…husbands who are equally close
…kids who include mine

…family singing along with the radio
…watermelon and sweet corn at the picnic table

…walking alongside

…traveling together
…watching him do what he loves
…how he includes the man cub

…a relaxing day at home
…sharing favorite family movies with a friend
…listening to my kids quote the movies
…sibling laughter

…cooler air

…knowing him for all these years
…the answered prayer my heart prayed all those years ago
…the ongoing lessons of gratitude
…learning often to be grateful for the one who is growing old with me


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3 thoughts on “come grow old with me…

  1. Precious words……….wishing I had not let so much pass my by……….thankful for what is left………………

    1. I agree…I wish I had not let so much pass me by…I’m learning, ever so slowly, to be grateful for the time I have today. Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!

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