when He multiplies paper and crayons…

This was our eighth year of helping.
The girls and I did the math on the way.
The second year without Eric.

One single day out of the entire year
set aside for this…

Tools for School…
the giving away of paper and crayons.

We spent Tuesday afternoon sorting boxes
and emptying shopping bags…

pencils, erasers, rulers, highliters,
pens, crayons, paper, notebooks,
composition books, markers,
book bags, protractors…

you name it,
we saw it.

If it is used for school,
we sorted it.

It seemed like a mass amount.

Until the masses came
and I wondered…
is it enough?

The line began before 5 a.m.
Those in need of pencils and protractors
found a place in line in the dark,
knowing full well there was a 4 hour wait.

And wait they did.

All for a bit of paper and crayons….
and maybe markers and a book bag.

I left at 1:30 pm and the line still had no end,
though the stack of markers was gone
and the boxes of book bags emptied.

At the end of the day,
approximately 1200 children received something
to carry with them when the schools open their
doors next week.

And, in the end,
there was enough to give each student something.

I love HIS math.











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