step one in a leap of faith…

In my faith crisis this summer, I mentioned to Chad that I needed a leap of faith. I needed to know that I know…that I KNOW…that God loves me and has a perfect plan for my life.

In the midst of lessening hours at work, tightening on already tight finances, a cell phone stolen, and a meeting a new friend over a pb&j, God has been working…I just couldn’t see Him through my own disappointments. He is still here. He still loves me. And, He has still has a plan.

Through long discussions, prayer, and talking with the kids, our whole family is taking a leap of faith. We are bound for the Dominican Republic this fall! And all 5 of us are working hard for the funds to go spend Thanksgiving with our cousins and see the ministry they have with Makarios International.

A leap of faith requires putting one foot in front of the other. Today was the first step…one passport application filed, two more to go!


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