breakfast with a swan and other gifts…

Sometimes gifts show up in totally unexpected ways.

Sometimes when you are least expecting it, beauty swims right up to you and you look directly into its eyes.

Sometimes your tired heart just smiles and all you can do is lift that tired heart in gratitude to your maker for unexpected gifts that swim your way.

And…sometimes in that gratitude, fresh breath is breathed in and your heart is refreshed over a visit from a swan.

…a day late, I’m listing my gratitude gifts with the Multitudes on Monday grace community over at Ann’s.

for these and so much more, I am grateful…

…for a man who listens
…and responds with “I’ll listen forever”

…for a church breakfast that renews my faith
…for a quiet conversation with a friend I haven’t seen all summer

…for a friend that drives the mancub to football practice all summer
…for a son who is becoming an incredible man

…for a lake house that welcomes me whenever I come
…for cousin love
…for Papa and Mama love

…for a swan visit
…and beautiful morning with coffee
…and a day of doing nothing but sitting and laughing with my sister and parents

…and swans who come back to swim with the girls

…and a God who breathes fresh breath into a hot and tired heart






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