of sand and stones…

We took the girls
and ran away for a few hours.

There is something
extraordinary about unplanned gifts.

They often take my breath away.

After a time of heart drought…
of wondering if I truly believed
what I said I believed,
and doubting that He would
do what He says He will do…

He’s shown up
over and over
In the most unexpected ways.

Monday He provided a day away,
at my very favorite place…
Lake Michigan.

I forgot my book,
so I swam with the girls
and sat with my man,
in complete sensory overload.

From sand encrusted sandwiches
to sun-kissed pink shoulders,
I soaked it all in.

From pink and periwinkle mist
to the yellowish haze of a setting sun,
I watched the water shimmer and sparkle,
nary a wave in sight.

Mid-afternoon Emme and I
began collecting stones…
hers for a craft project,
mine for a heart project…
a memorial of sorts.

My heart is quick to forget
just as the children of Israel forgot
as they wandered their desert.

“Gather stones and build a memorial,”
He said. “So that when your children ask,
‘What do these stones mean to you?’
you can answer by telling them how I delivered you.”
(Joshua 4:1-7 my paraphrase)

Once again, He has proved Himself faithful and true.

This pathetic heart needs a constant reminder
that in this relationship between
my Creator and myself…
only one of us doubts.

I brought home my stones
to tell my children…
and myself…
that He still delivers His children.








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2 thoughts on “of sand and stones…

  1. Love your thoughts and your jar of stones………..   Many years ago, Ed took two of the grandsons to a sports car event all day at Road America ( that is his very favorite place I think)………….and they had some special happenings that day…..some good talks.  While the boys were jumping over a creek at the racetrack, and skipping stones, he had them gather twelve stones, and then told them the meaning of the stones…………they brought them home and they are piled by our front steps to “remember” that day.  Not quite the same, but yet it is.  Mostly special to Grandpa………..means a lot to him.   Your jar is special………………..

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