when you forget to practice what you preach…

Soul amnesia.

I forgot to count…
to see the good in each day…
to record the gifts.

I preached living your happily-ever-after
by living your one life best
and by being grateful for every breath.

I didn’t practice what I preached.

Which made for a difficult summer.

My soul forgot the joy that comes
when I realize that
everything is a gift
and I have nothing of value
outside of the gifts that He gives.

Oh that my soul would always remember.

Finding my way back to gratitude
has not been a picnic in the park.

It’s been hard…
obedience often is.

But, as my very wise and dear Julie often says,
“The blessing comes after the obedience.”

So true.

It has been a week of incredible blessings,
culminating in two today…

after two years of hard work and dedication
Eric will start his first Varsity game tonight.
I very well might be more excited than he is!

And my man….

he’s been gifted with an adventure,
flying and fishing in Canada for the weekend.

And, me?

I’m counting gifts again.



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2 thoughts on “when you forget to practice what you preach…

  1. Praise God, all the way around…………..  

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