sticky words…

I’m a writer.
Words of affirmation is my primary love language.
I love words.

Words have the power to turn a frown upside down
and make a heart sing.

Words can convey deep emotion
and can lighten a mood.

Conversely, words can slay a soul
and damage a relationship.

Words are powerful
and they can stick for a long time.

This past week, dear friends hired the kids and me
to rid their wildflower patch of milkweeds.


We wandered into the thickets
and pulled the sticky stalks out…
700 to be exact.

Something else stuck to us too…
we all came out looking like this.


As I’ve pulled these little sticky seeds
from out clothing, I’ve done some thinking…

words stick just like these pesky seeds…

and it is up to me to decide if I let them stay
or if I pick them off.

For someone who feels most loved by others words,
I also feel most destroyed by what others say.

Picking sticky seeds has reminded me
that I do not have to let every word said stick.

And it feels really good to pick some off
and let them go.

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3 thoughts on “sticky words…

  1. This post was so timely! Thank you for the reminder, Heidi. I’m picking off some words today!

    1. Praise God Gayle! I’m picking them too 😄

  2. Good thoughts!!  

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