thoughts on tail chasing and perspective…

I have one of me
and three places to be…

It isn’t just today that my calendar is full.

It’s this season of school and events,
of football and volleyball,
and the fact that they both
have home games tomorrow night.

It’s tail-chasing time.

This is my season of life.



Lately, I’m catching glimpses of autumn.

In the waning summer sun,
pops of oranges and reds are appearing here and there.

A new season is on its way.

As I look at Eric, I see those same changes coming.
Conversations with him are more manly, less boyish.
I see maturing in his heart that sometimes
makes me want to chase my tail
and wring my hands.

There are more and more glimpses
of that maturing in Emme too.

Pops of their true colors are coming through,
and it’s beautiful.



In this season of rushing these here and there,
from one event to the next,
I am trying to chase my tail less
and cling to the moments more.

Today I’m grateful
for the perspective
I’ve been given
through glimpses of a few fall colors.

And, I’m even more grateful
that this next new season is a few moments away.

(photo credit of Eric on the sidelines goes to my very talented neighbor, Doug Vogel)

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on tail chasing and perspective…

  1. I read a blog post once equating this season to a thrill ride and she said throw your hands up and enjoy the ride:)

    I just got caught up ob your posts …I can’t believe i missed the football mom one!…it made me smile!

    1. I’m glad you saw the football one!!

      Yes! I need to throw up my hands and squeal with glee…these are the days of our lives!! 😀

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