farewell summer…thanks for renewing my faith

I’m not typically a fan of summer.


And after last summer’s drought….

well…lets just say
I decided winter is my go-to season.


Then summer returned….


cooler days
beautiful evenings
stunning sunsets
stolen moments at the lake


and I fell in love.


In a summer where my faith wavered
and He brought me out of the pit,
I can look back and see His hand everywhere…


and how He used this beautiful summer
of less a/c and more time outside
to renew and deepen my faith.


He woes me this way…
…and I am grateful.


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2 thoughts on “farewell summer…thanks for renewing my faith

  1. Please tell your mom for me that Andrew and Mindy called just a bit ago, on speaker phone so we got to hear the kids voices and Andrew too………..and they asked if they could come for Thanksgiving.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is one mom who is so excited I can barely breathe!  It will be a year since we have seen them and we can’t even express how thrilled we are!  Norah’s birthday ( # 11) is on Thanksgiving Day, so it will be even more special.  And, they want to help decorate our Christmas tree while here…………..the joy just goes on  and on.  Had to share that with you……..the  thought of it is almost more  than I can stand………   That will be my gift each day from now thru then!!!     Loved your post today………..a blessing to read and see…………..Hugs, Linda in Wis.

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