to be uncommon…

I remember watching him on our little 13″ Magnavox
on any Sunday we could get the Cowboys game.

He always wore a suit and his signature hat.
He was stately and significant
and in a world of loud and obnoxious football coaches,
Tom Landry was uncommon.

A generation of Sunday football later,
mine may remember watching another
stately and significant coach
who didn’t give into sideline antics and uncontrolled behavior.
Tony Dungy was also uncommon.

It’s all too easy to be common…
to be like everyone else…
to fulfill the stereotypical role society has defined.

It takes little to be like that.

It takes much to be uncommon.

To be uncommon
is to be different…
to be willing to stand alone…
to have more self-control than drama in life.

I’ve watched them play
and prayed that my children would be uncommon
on their teams,
in their games,
throughout their lives.

I’ve prayed that they would be different.

Here’s the rub…
maybe their mom needs to take a lesson
from Coach Landry’s play book.

Just maybe she needs to emulate
Coach Dungy in the sidelines
because no matter the score,
the coaches,
the officials….

she needs to be uncommon

because uncommon begets uncommon.


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1 thought on “to be uncommon…

  1. So, I maybe was just a little bit convicted by this…Friday night was ugly here…ugly officiating and consequently ugly fans…

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