A birthday to remember…12 days later


She turned 10 twelve days ago
and I’ve been remiss in posting about it.

Forgive me…
it’s not because I’ve forgotten or don’t care.

Instead, I haven’t said anything because
I can hardly wrap my head around this…
she’s my last to turn double digits.

Lasts are harder than firsts for this mama.


I looked at him a few days ago
and repeated the question that I’ve asked often…

“How did we get here already?”

It wasn’t so long ago that I remember her flutters deep within.
I haven’t forgotten seeing her cheeks for the first time
or the family get-together the weekend after she arrived.

For everything that I do remember,
I’m confident there are a million little things I’ve forgotten.


So on a day filled with great memories
of lunch with Mama and Papa,
a boat adventure that continues to bring great laughs,
and her favorite buffet for dinner,
we celebrated 10 years of Ellen…
10 years with our gift of Mercy.


And I’ve let my senses heighten again,
seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling life
as a busy mom whose three kids are growing
and changing faster than I ever dreamt possible.

…because when the next decade marker comes,
I want more to remember.


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2 thoughts on “A birthday to remember…12 days later

  1. Again with the tears! I’m such a sap! You’re so right though Heidi. Time is so precious.

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