reputation vs. character


This came across my Facebook feed last week.

I’ve been chewing on it since.

I think Coach Wooden was on to something
that my heart needed to learn…
especially where my kids are concerned.

Their character matters.

Their reputation…not so much.

Somewhere along the way,
I bought the lie that my reputation
reflects who I am
and therefore I must protect it.

Especially in the Church.

And then…
I transferred that lie to my kids lives.

Guess what?

Jesus had perfect character.
Yet, He had a lousy reputation amongst the religious zealots.
In fact, His only good reputation was with
those He healed
and those that followed Him.

Often doing what is right
is least popular amongst the religious crowd.

Often reputations are made or lost
in that same crowd.

It is sad
but true.

It has been said that character
is who you are when no one is looking.

Just like Coach John Wooden,
I want my kids to be much more concerned with their character
than their reputation…

just as Jesus was.

*** I am respectfully sharing this image from because it spoke to my heart. I hold no rights to it.

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