the beauty of deception…


This stuff borders our property.
It’s everywhere
and if I stare at it for more than twenty seconds
I break out it a horrific itch.

I really despise poison ivy.

Yet, the other day when I turned into my driveway
the beauty of the changing colors caught my eye.

What I had always seen as ugly
suddenly looked beautiful to me.

The same plant with the mitten leaves
and horrifically itchy oil
now with its orange and yellow leaves
caught my eye.

All because it now looks different
and I am deceived by the beauty of the changing leaves.

This is reflective of my heart so many times in this life…
my heart that is so quickly deceived by what my eyes see
often forgets what lies beneath the veneer.

When the beauty of a new house, a shiny car,
a cute pair of $100 jeans, or the bounty of
someone else’s life catches my eye,
my heart often responds with envy.

It is what my heart fails to see under the beauty layer
that is of greatest concern to me.

Everything that my heart envies costs something
and some have paid more than others for what they have.

Under the veneer lies broken hearts and torn marriages,
split families and wounded children,
astronomical debt and dissatisfied people.

Not always but enough times for me to begin
realizing that the beauty I see is often a lie.

Just as the beautiful fall mitten leaves
are the same ones that make me break out.

It does my heart good
to remember the beauty of deception.


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