all in…


I first heard this simple phrase eleven months ago when Eric’s football coach announced it as the theme for the 2013 football season. The players and parents received it well. There was even audience applause.

“Isn’t that nice?” I thought.

Little did I know it was about to become the theme of this season of my life, only I don’t remember an announcement and I know there was no smattering of applause.

Somewhere along the way, I accepted status quo. I held on to what was safe. I gave only what was required and served only as needed. I listened to others and tried to please them. I took the easy path.

ALL IN means there is nothing left behind. It is giving it all that I am and everything that I have to Him for His good work.

ALL IN is more than a Sunday morning service, it is serving all week long.

ALL IN is more than 10% tithe, it is knowing that ALL that I have is His and giving it all to Him knowing that He will meet every need I have.

ALL IN is between He and me. It is not listening to the hurtful words said but to the Voice deep within.

ALL IN is more than letting go. It is bowing to a Higher Authority every.single.time.

ALL IN is more than easy and safe, it is hard work and tired muscles and falling into bed thrilled to do it all again.


ALL IN does not guarantee success. Eric has worked harder, this season, than he ever has. It hasn’t been easy, nor has it gone his way. Yet he continues to show up day after day to give it is all on the practice field. ALL IN simply takes quitting out of the equation.

I get it.


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1 thought on “all in…

  1. Don’t ya love it when football and life lessons coincide?

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