random things I love…


I love fall….really, really love it! Brilliant sunrises and sunsets, watching my boy under the Friday night lights, hoodies and blue jeans, boots and jackets, nail bitting volleyball games….all of it!


I love having both girls home for school again. I’ve lived long enough to know that this is fleeting and so I’m enjoying every moment!


I once made a really bad judgment call about this sweet one and had to apologize. I’m so glad she gave me grace. I’m glad he chose her!


Ellen and I saw this at KMart this week. I love Christmas but this bothers me more than I know how to describe. Seriously! Is there any more proof that we are a messed up first world culture?


And this…The False Premise of the Prosperity Gospel.

I shared this link on my personal Facebook wall this morning. I really love this article because those wiser than I have articulated thoughts my heart has had for a while.

Someone once gave me this advice, “If you would give cheerfully, God would bless you.” This has been stuck in my heart since I heard it said. There are so many things fundamentally wrong with this statement. So many times I’ve considered blogging about it but it’s already been done by those wiser than I.


These three and this season of life. I haven’t taken the time to blog, to market books written, to write more, or to edit what has been written because I don’t want to miss a moment.

So grateful for the opportunity to be home and be involved. More grateful and in love with this one who tag teams with me on a daily basis as we chase our dreams.


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