DIY…Emme’s rainbow pumpkin tutorial








My girl loves to create. It feeds her soul and makes her heart happy. So on a weekend when her heart was hurting a bit, she found her old box of crayons and my hot glue gun. Three days later… Voila!

This is a very messy project. Drop cloths and old clothes are a must.

First, wash and dry a medium-large pumpkin. With a paint brush or foam brush, paint the entire pumpkin with Modge Podge and let it dry for 24 hours.

Choose 36 crayons. Hot glue each crayon around the stem of the pumpkin, in a rainbow pattern, so that the crayons are sticking out and away from the pumpkin. The crayons need to be placed close together. It is okay of they touch.

After all crayons are glued on, take a hair dryer or heat gun and begin melting the crayons one at time. This is very time consuming. It took about 6 hours to melt all 36 crayons with my hair dryer. Occasionally, the hair dryer would melt the hot glue and Emme would simply reapply hot glue to the crayon paper and glue it back into place.

When all crayons are melted and all crayon papers empty, you will have a rainbow pumpkin like Emme’s.

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2 thoughts on “DIY…Emme’s rainbow pumpkin tutorial

  1. This turned out really cool! Someone told me you can put the crayons IN an old glue gun and melt them that way. ‘Haven’t tried that myself.

    1. Emme has a glue gun that she melts crayons in as well. The girl loves crayons!!

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