tidbits from a twitchy and restless heart…


it’s wet…very, very wet
and as I drove Eric to school
this morning in the wet dark
I realized that after the rain
and wind
and storms that blow through today,
it will most likely be bare
which makes me feel all twitchy and restless inside

this happens every year until the snow comes


this is how I often feel…
“one of these things is not like the others,
one of these things doesn’t belong”

often, so very often,
my heart feels this deeply
and I struggle against it

maybe, slowly, I’m seeing this for the lie that it is
and I’m finding the truth underneath…

this life is not my home

and that truth quiets another moment of
my restless, twitchy, homesick heart


I look at this
and I want a do-over

there is much I dreamed of doing, saying, teaching
them that never got done

and there is more I wish I could undo

yet, there is a peace knowing
that It’s between Him and them
and He’s not finished yet


looking at this
and knowing deep within
my twitchy, restless heart

there is NOTHING I am more proud of
than these four I love the most

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4 thoughts on “tidbits from a twitchy and restless heart…

  1. i feel the same way. thanks for this. 🙂

  2. Feeling the same…again. Just talked with someone this morning who is pregnant. Trying to tell her time goes fast but really, time goes by fast. I feel like between sports, work, DECA, friends my boy has already flown the coop! I am trying to soak all 3 of mine up! Makes me feel melancholy sometimes!

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