why fight?

Why fight?
Why not just walk away?
You are both right,
and, you are both wrong.

I’ve said these words often lately…
to myself,
to my son,
to my daughters.

I’m realizing there is life in these words,
because too often we fight to the death.

Our fighting words can kill a moment,
wound a heart,
slay a relationship.

Often at the expense of our deep need to be right.

What would happen if we all
admitted we were wrong?

Here’s the deal that we have a hard time grasping
here in this house….

…we are all sinners.
Ain’t one of that’s perfect.
Ain’t one of us that’s got it all together.
Ain’t one of us that has all the answers.

…though we’d all like to think we are,
we have,
we do…
so we argue,

Here’s the irony?
The only time we are truly right
is when we admit how wrong we really are.


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