funny thing about family pictures…

I used to really wig out over family pictures….
last minute shopping for matchy-matchy,
lost sleep over whether or not the kids would cooperate,
and then a last, last minute shopping trip because
I lost too much sleep thinking and changed my mind…


Not so much…


When you stand on a Sunday morning and sing…
You won’t relent until You have it all
my heart is Yours.
Come be the fire inside of me.
Come be the flame upon my heart.
Come be the fire inside of me.
Until You and I are one.

then you’d better be prepared to relinquish control…
all of it.


Letting go of my own expectations of others
may very well be the hardest part of my journey.


Yet, it is the most freeing.


So, without spending a dime
or losing a minute of sleep,
family pictures came off without a hitch…


…when the mom said, “I don’t care what you wear
for family pictures, as long as you bring team gear for two team pics.”


I’m learning to just quietly utter in the deep of my soul,
“Will You just take care of this for me?”

He always does.

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2 thoughts on “funny thing about family pictures…

  1. Love these pictures and what you wrote reminded me of our picture days. We used to be so good about getting pictures taken every year and this mom fretted over what everyone was going to wear and if everyone would be in a good mood. We need to get a family picture taken now and I don’t worry about that anymore. Now I worry about when my whole family will be together so we can get at least one photo snapped. Thanks for the reminder about how stressed I DON’T need to be and how much enjoyable life is when we turn it all over to the One who is in control.

    1. It’s a life long lesson for me! I hope you can do family pics soon if Matt and Sarah both come home for Christmas 😊

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