home for Christmas…

I love Christmas
and I love it best when it’s homemade.

Though we haven’t been home much lately,
(that post is coming up later this week)…
I love sitting in the glow of this tree…


which is covered with memories…
crafts the kids have made,
photographs of former years,
ornaments I’ve chosen for mine each year.


This year, I hung our stockings next to the tree
rather than over the fireplace in our room…
(Including 3 new ones, ready for a new tradition
with the girlfriend’s family)
I like it this way.
It feels festive.

And…the snowmen and trees that the kids made,
I love them more each year.


And, this little hand-painted nativity
makes me smile year after year.
I love that they did it themselves!


Just like the past 10 Christmases, I let them decorate the house themselves.
I love to sit back and hear them exclaim
over the memories the decorations bring.

As Chad and I watched, we laughed.
For many years, all the ornaments were clumped around the bottom,
and I thought that when the kids were big
the ornaments would be hung evenly
throughout the tree.
Instead, they are just clumped higher…
and I still can’t bring myself to fix it.

Because someday soon,
I will be decorating the house myself
as I wait for them to come home for Christmas.


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2 thoughts on “home for Christmas…

  1. make me cry………. in a good way

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