Jesus and The Incredible Hulk…

There’s a little boy that I’ve never met.
I don’t even know his name.

Our paths crossed for a moment today
and I think I understand a little more of Jesus
because of him.

You see…life is hard for this little boy right now.
For in the blink of his eyes, his life changed…

How does a mama walk away from her babies?

This I do not know.

Yet, I know the One who not only knows,

Jesus knows the number of hairs on this boy’s head
and the deepest desire of his heart.
And, Jesus knows that after his mama left,
all that is on this boy’s Christmas list is…
The Incredible Hulk.

In a building full of toys,
on a day we were quite literally giving them away,
not a Hulk was to be found.

So, off one went,
to search the shelves of a nearby store
for one Incredible Hulk.

Not three minutes after she left,
a man walked in our building
through the volunteer entrance
with a plain white trash bag.

“Can I help you?” I asked, noticing his torn flannel coat.

“Is this a toy drive?” He asked me.

I nodded, noticing him glance around the room.
Toys in every direction answered his question for me.

“I’d like to donate these,” he said handing me his bag.

I opened the bag to see not one,
not two…
but three brand-new Incredible Hulks looking back at me.

I looked up to see the face of a stranger
and wondered if he really was an angel in disguise.

I have often wondered…
do the little things in my life matter to my God?

Today, a little boy’s story taught me
that even The Incredible Hulk matters to Jesus…
when it’s the desire of a abandoned boy’s heart.

And, maybe…
just maybe…
those three Hulk figures will give a little hope
and a glimpse of Jesus’ love
to a little boy’s broken heart.


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7 thoughts on “Jesus and The Incredible Hulk…

  1. Thank you, Heidi, for this beautiful reminder of God’s love and faithfulness. It was just what my heart needed to hear this morning. Your post made a difference today.

    1. Isn’t God good? I’m so glad this touched your heart too! Merry Christmas!

  2. One of the most beautiful Christmas stories I have ever read.

  3. That man definitely could have been an angel.

  4. Great post, thanks for sharing. Keep saying to myself today, kingdom focused, god is in control, because not feeling it this morning. This was a great testament to gods constant provision! Thanks!

  5. Earlier in the week, I was blown away by God’s awesomeness and power when a friend shared how God was blessing them in a HUGE financial way. Totally out of the blue. Totally unexpected. Wow God! And then to see that same awesome power being displayed in such a sweet tender act of love right down to the smallest detail while providing a little boy a toy. WOW God!! Again, blown away that this same God who created the universe cares about Hulks as well. Definitely brought tears to my eyes when I read it, and again as I share this with others!

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