quiet moments and disappointments…

well…we are eight hours in
and already 2014 disappoints

in truth, the disappointment came
before the first second of the new year…
we may have had the most pathetic
lack of celebration out there

and my kid felt it.

Herein lies the problem…
sometimes life disappoints
and its okay.

In an era of loud electronics,
fancy celebrations,
big vacations…
quiet is overlooked,
and undervalued.

Quite honestly,
we don’t know what to do
with ourselves when we are quiet.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

I think my kids have been sold
a bill of goods
and I’ve contributed.

We’ve done the electronics,
the parties,
the trips,
and all it does is fuel the desire for bigger and better…
often leading to disappointment.

I haven’t taught them to embrace
the quiet moments…
to uncover them
and to look beyond the disappointment
to seek the treasure deep within.

This morning, mine are asleep,
the snow is falling
and the house is quiet.

And, in this quiet
I find Him
and know that He is God…
the richness of being still.


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3 thoughts on “quiet moments and disappointments…

  1. Heidi, thank you for your words. Such a good reminder — to see God in the quietness. I look forward to “reading your heart” in 2014.

    1. Thank you, Gaye! May 2014 be full of His richest blessings for you. 😊

  2. Yes……we love them and so we want to give them more and they love it and so they want more and before you know it….it’s all out of hand.

    I want to remember “Be still and know….” and I want my Teen to know that, too.

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