when you dare to dream…

I used to be a dreamer.

Back in the day, I interned in the prosecuting attorney’s office and had a craggily, old judge say to me, “You can’t change the world, you know.”

To which I replied, “I can try.”

I was a dreamer like that.

I dreamed big and held myself to the expectations that come with big dreams. I’m not sure if I dreamed too big or expected too much. Either way, as time went by and dreams didn’t materialize, I became disillusioned. I blamed God.

I stopped trusting my dreams to God because He wasn’t seeing them through in the manner I thought He should. When I stopped trusting Him with my dreams, I think I stopped dreaming.

Late last summer, I dared to dream big one more time. I dreamed that I and the four I love the most would travel to the country my sister and her’s call home.

I knew the cost and I knew our income. The only way to really dream that dream was to trust.

It’s been more than a dream. It’s been a trust journey. Each time we added our funds to the coffee can and completed another job for money, we trusted. We applied for passports in stages and as the funds came in. The funds multiplied quickly and my faith deepened slowly.

As we boarded the plane in snowy Chicago last week, none of us knew what to expect. We held to the dream as we flew down the Atlantic coast and landed in the wee hours of the morning. We trusted when we weren’t sure of the language of the Custom’s agent. We sighed with relief when a stranger held a sign with our names on it as we walked out of the airport into the tropical night air. We trusted as we stowed our bags into his van and allowed him to drive us through the streets of a strange city.

Over an hour later, that dream that we held on so tightly to bloomed and became our reality as we hugged and squealed and squeezed our loved ones close.

For the past week, my man and I have looked at each other often and say, “We are in the DR!” It’s with a mixture of shock and awe and glee that we smile and nod in agreement.

The days, like flower petals, have slowly fallen one by one and soon the bloom will be sweet memories of days spent with these I love.

And of all the thoughts and memories that I will take home with me, I think the greatest is the reminder that it is good to dream and even better to trust.







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3 thoughts on “when you dare to dream…

  1. Sooo glad its been so good!! Its good to dream!

  2. So awesome! I’ve been seeing your pictures, but didn’t know the story behind it. Keep dreaming, friend!

  3. thank you for sharing your trip with us. i am so glad for all of you that you were able to go. what a magnificent Blessing.

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