going without milk and other first world problems…

Currently, the northeast portion of the State of Indiana is closed.


And, this…

along with dangerous winds would be why we are closed
for the second time in the first 27 days of 2014.

Quite honestly, I am not a big fan of the government
telling us if we can or cannot travel…


can I just suggest that going without something
is not the end of the world?

Today, the powers that be declared our county
a level red state of emergency,
which means travel is restricted to going to/from work
and emergency vehicles.

Suddenly, my social media newsfeeds are filled with
all manner of debates over going to the grocery store.

I’m not sure if it is because we just got back
from a third world country and I saw people
going without a whole lot more than just bread
and eggs
and milk for their babies…


if it is because my man was a paramedic and ER nurse for over a decade
and had to fix the messes created by those who took
uncalculated risks?

I think it’s the former.

The Dominican Republic changed me
and opened my eyes to the fact
that a “state of emergency” is a first world problem.

I’m sorry if you’ve run out of milk…
or bread…
or beer…
and I’m sorry you think you can’t live without those things.

I know that we, here in America,
are conditioned to think that we are entitled to such things.

But, are we really thankful for our first world lifestyle?

Where things like groceries…
clean water…
are considered a right,
not a privilege?

Where does gratitude for what we do have
fit into our demands for what we want?

So, for such a time as this,
maybe a day or so without will make us
all more thankful for what we do have
and we can stay off the roads
and protect the emergency crews that serve us.

***snow pic provided by friend in the country, Makayli

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5 thoughts on “going without milk and other first world problems…

  1. Love this one. Really makes you think. Makes me want to send this to a company in LaGrange that puts their workers at risk to make the car parts of that day.

    1. thanks Tammy! I think there is more than one company that does this. One of the things I noticed in the DR was the willingness of the people there to just wait. Any time there is an inconvience, they wait it out. A good lesson to learn.

      Thanks for stopping by today! 😊

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