it’s impossible to love you the same…

I love you all equally
but it’s impossible to love you all the same.

Chad and I sat and watched the movie
Two Weeks yesterday
and heard Sally Field say these words.

I’ve thought of this quote several times.

Today, I wrote it out for them

where they can read it often.

I’ve heard it in the heat of the argument
or in the quiet cry,
they’ve said, “It’s not fair,
you love them more.”

I’ve denied it
but never knew what else to say.

So, today, I wrote them a valentine
where I leave them words to live by…

I wrote those words I’ve always wanted to have
on the bathroom mirror

and the 10-year-old said, “Oh! Because we are all different!”

Yes, my love,
because the three of you are uniquely you,
it’s impossible for this mama to love you the same.

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