what are you writing now…my best answer

Are you still writing?

When’s the next book coming out?

What are you writing now?

Currently, my writing life looks a bit like this…



I LOVE it.


I love the hush sound of snow falling.


I love the blank canvas of a snow covered yard.

I love the whiteness of it all.

I love huge snow mountains
and the thrill of conquering them.


This has been one of my very favorite winters ever.
(Closely tied with the winter of 1979 in central Michigan).

I’ve been asked lately, those questions in
one form or another,
and I have no other answer than this…

I don’t know.

I don’t know what I’m writing
or when it will be written.

This is a winter in my writing life
and I love it!

I love the quiet hush of evenings home with my four.

I love the blank pages in my mind without
words yelling to be written down.

I love these waning teen years
and though I am sometimes weary and worn,
I want to soak up every. single. minute.

I love conquering big sledding parties
and the thrill of having people over.



So, right now, I write intermittent, random blog posts.

I also write lists and notes and an occasional check.

That's about all.

I continue to pray about another book
but I just don't know.

It's my best answer right now.

I do know that for such a time as this,
I am enjoying winter and loving on
the four I love the most.


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