a few more of my favorite things…

Another snow last night, another snow day today, and another day of the youngest feeling poorly. Seems like a good day for…these are a few of my favorite things.

This remains high in my list. I still love it…each flake! I’m so sorry for those who have had enough. How bout I just enjoy it for both me and you, ‘kay?

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Beth. And, this is just lovely! It’s personal and profound. Love starting my days praying this way!

This group. They’re mine. I love them so much! Those brave adults took all those teens to Indy for the weekend to Acquire the Fire. I’m so grateful for events like this that God is using in my own kids’ lives.

This little idea. In effort to get this sick one to drink more, I punched a hole in a canning lid and slid a straw through. I’m not sure why it’s more fun to drink out of a blue canning jar but since she loves it and drinks, I won’t ask.

This guy. He’s driven his sister to work yesterday and today without complaint while I stay home with the sick one. He’s even gone to the grocery store and he came home with everything on my list! These days it’s easy to dwell on the hard days of parenting. I want to dwell on the good times instead.

This sign. I think this might be my new bathroom mirror quote. So much truth here.

This makes my evenings sparkle. Somehow the warm flicker of candle light warms my heart on dark winter nights. Apparently, I’m a candle saver. I cannot believe how many candles I have found stashed in my hall closet. I’m happy to say that I’m not returning them to the closet.

This throwback and this guy. He gave me his Saturday and ran errands with me. We laughed and talked and caught up on all of the “oh yeah, I was going to tell you…”s. I’m so grateful for him!

It does my heart good to think of a few of my favorite things. Lists like this foster an attitude of gratitude in the mundane and the everyday. And, I need all the gratitude I can get!

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