20 years later and the #20datesin14days experiment…

…also known as how to celebrate a big anniversary on a little budget….

I look back…
my but we were babies
on that sunny April day
in 1994.


So very young,
at twenty-five and twenty-one,
yet we vowed to love, honor, and cherish…
and then we spent the next
twenty years growing up together.




Three kids,
two decades,
and one house later,
we looked at each other and said,
“Yes! I’d do it all over again!”

So how do you celebrate
the ups and downs,
ins and outs,
good and bad,
of twenty years together?

Where do you go
when this milestone falls right in the midst
of school schedules,
work schedules,
college visits,
and a stretched budget?

What do you do
to acknowledge this occasion
when these three you birthed
need you now more than then
and you find your late nights
are more heart talks
than fevers and bad dreams?

How do you celebrate
the staying together
and the staying true
when there are new shoes to buy,
summer clothes to purchase,
and doctor bills from a vicious virus to pay?




You give the most valuable thing you have…
to each other.

You take two weeks of your hard earned vacation time
and you work with what you have
and around these children you’ve had.

You take advantage of weekly specials…
half-priced pizza on Tuesday
and $6 shrimp on Wednesday.

You take road trips to area towns
you’ve never explored before
and you investigate their local attractions.

You talk of highlights and unfinished dreams,
You ask questions like…
what haven’t we done yet?
which of our dreams have we moved on from?
what can we change?

Together, you refuse to rehash the low points,
the past hurts,
the countless ways you’ve scarred each other.

You make the celebration
an adventure, if you will..
a dare of sorts…

you set out to have
20 dates in the 14 days you’ve been given

and you smile at the future.




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