the peace of living counter-culturally…

It’s counter-cultural…
this idea of slowing down,
savoring moments,
living with intent.

We live in a world
that moves at the speed of life..
and we drag our kids right into the melee
until soon their little bodies do not know
how to slow,
to relax,
to rest.

Our world says that to be succesful
is to be busy chasing the elusive
American dream
of more…
more games,
more lessons,
more stuff…
until our more steals our very breath.

Our world says that to be successful
is to be educated
at the most prestigious places possible…
and at a cost greater than some
third-world countries’ gross national product…
and then to carry that debt for years.

Yet, we also hear the nightly newscasters drone,
“studies show the negative effect of stress”
and all the while we live in a constant state of stress…
and so do our children.

What if we learned to live differently?

What if we turned it around and upside down?

What if we dared to live differently?

What if we simply said NO!

NO! to the high speed chases
and the drag races.

NO! to the false definitions
of success and prestige.

NO! to the accumulation of things
and the piling of debt.

NO! to the stress
and the fatigue.


and then


YES! to slowing
and savoring.

YES! to staying home
and to family time.

YES! to delaying gratification
and saving instead.

YES! to living within our means
and giving ourselves and our kids
breathing room.

Living counter-culturally has become a buzz word
for bucking the system and doing whatever you want…

and that’s not all bad.

It’s a peaceful place to be.


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