it takes a church…

It’s been said
that it takes a village to raise a child.

I disagree.

It takes a church.




Ten years ago,
Sunday after Sunday
my lonely heart cried out.

I ached for a place to belong,
a place where I could be myself,
problems and all,
and a place where my children felt at home.

I prayed for such a place as this
and He heard my cry.



Eight years ago,
my heart found a place,
my family found a church,
and my children found a family
outside of their beloved aunts, uncles, and cousins.

We found a space where we belonged
and those there have invested deeply in to each one of us.


And, on this day when the youth of our church
blessed us and served us by putting on the entire service,
including the sermon,
I was not the only one proud of this one I call my own.

I looked at those loving on him,
hugging him,
encouraging him,
and my heart whispered “THANK YOU!!”

For not only is this church
an answer to my heart’s cry,
I’ve realize that in this case,
it’s taken a church to raise these children.


**some photo credit goes to our church photographer, Roger. 🙂

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