staking our claim…#20datesin14days

In the midst of this experiment…
celebrating twenty years
with twenty dates in fourteen days
two things became glaringly obvious…

one… unless we counted trips to Menards,
Dollar General, and the grocery store as “dates”
our experiment was destined to fail.

On the other hand, we could just turn
the two weeks we have it into an adventure
and leave the outcome up to God.

The wise one I live with…
yep, he came up with that ulterior plan.

Good one, isn’t it?

and two…this experiment has a different meaning
than what we first assumed.

Yes, we are celebrating 20 years of
the good, the bad, and the really hard,
but, we’ve also spent a lot of time
staking our claim for the future.

It’s far too easy to assume
that things will never change.

It’s far too simplistic to think
that we will never change.

However, we’ve seen it,
it’s hit close to home,
and it has put a deep fear of God
in both of us.

At just past the half-way point in this
homemade vacation,
I realized that this gift of time~
this adventure experiment
has driven us to go deeper…
to ask questions…
to talk more.

And, in all that discussion,
we’ve staked a claim in this marriage
that we’ve already invested a couple of decades in…

a claim to fight through the end,
and a prayer and a promise
for another forty years.





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