and at the end of the experiment #20datesin14days

He got up early this morning
and peddled to work…
and just like that,
we are back to real life.

When we started this
of how to celebrate a big anniversary
on a small budget,
we didn’t know.




There was no plan,
no calendar,
no clock.
Just us.
And we figured it out
as we went along…
much like our twenty years of learning to be one.

In the end,
we don’t even know how many dates we had
because we don’t know what truly constitutes a date…
we simply know that we gave and spent

We spent time together
and gave each other time apart.

We talked deeply
and held hands quietly.

And, all the while,
There were moments of just the two of us,
and moments of three, four, or five of us…
because that is who we are.

We are two who became one in 1994
and then multiplied that love in
1997, 1999, and 2003.

So, we balanced our need to be together
and our need to be apart,
with the needs of three more individuals
with strong opinions and fledgling wings…
to the best of our ability.

Did our experiment succeed?

I think so
because I sorely miss him today.




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