looking for a safe place to land…

Be real.
Take off the mask.
Live free.

Buzz words such as these vibrate throughout the blogging world, the church scene, and the local bookstore. These words seem to resonate deeply with Christian women. We get tired of pretending. We want to be real and sincere. We are aching for a safe place to just be ourselves. We want other women to like us for who God created us to be.

Sounds great!

Here’s the catch…

Do to others as you would like them to do to you.
Luke 6:31

What if we are so busy looking for a safe place to land… a place where we can be ourselves, sin and all, and be unconditionally accepted for who we are…we forget to be that safe place for someone else?

Are we becoming so self-centered in our search…wanting one particular person or group to accept us…that we fail to see the hurting person next to us?

Have we become so quick to judge that we forget to see the hurt in the one we judge?

Even more so, are we looking for someone to reach out to, or hiding because no one has reached out to us?

Maybe we need to stop worrying about
being real,
taking off our masks,
and living free
and instead learn to be a soft place for each other to land.


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