truth or dare…

Truth or dare?

Thirty years, more or less,
since I last heard that taunt.
I still remember the flutter of my heart
as I considered my options.
Truth became my go-to answer,
after I was once dared to kiss
Brian Hershberger on the playground
in Fifth Grade.

I’m still not crazy about dares…
and I learned that truth can be just as daunting.

Fast forward all these years,
and I take Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare,
which truly is a dare to Truth.


A dare to find three things on each day that bring joy
and to take time to thank God for them.

May 15.

I read today’s dare
and suddenly I was eleven again
hearing the dare.

3 gifts about you.

I’d rather just run and hide at the top of the monkey bars,
like I did when the twins, Denise and Diane,
gave me that dare on the playground.

Only, really no one hides at the top of monkey bars
when the whole world can still see your red cheeks.


At forty-five, I’d still rather climb the monkey bars to the top,
red cheeks and all,
than try to find 3 things about myself that are gifts.

3 things that are truly about me…
not my children or husband…

Seeing myself as God sees me is a wilderness
that I’ve wandered for close to forty years.
I’ve walked around and around this subject
but I’ve yet to see the Promised Land.

So, today.

I look at this dare and I cringe inside.
I write to sort out my feelings and still my heart.

Then, I think…
maybe I’m not alone.

And, maybe I needed a dare to help me find Truth.

1. I am loved unconditionally, infinitely more than I even know.
2. I am created in the image of God Himself, though I don’t truly understand how that is.
3. I am beautiful.

So are YOU!!


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4 thoughts on “truth or dare…

  1. ginger johnson May 15, 2014 — 8:50 am

    So relatable. Thank you. Made me cry. These are the things I KNOW about who Heidi is: an amazing, giving, heart; pray warrior; truth seeker. J

    1. and she has amazing friends! Thank you!!

  2. You have a great smile, you love your sister! You are such a caring mom, you study the word and share it well. You are a deep thinker. So much and I don’t even know you that well!!

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