what soothes the aching heart…

Twelve years
and I haven’t forgotten him…
the tiny one who stamped his footprint on my heart

On that day
when his heart stopped
and mine split wide open,
I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that there would be another
miscarriage six months later.

I didn’t know that a little girl would follow
in fifteen short months,
and the ache in my arms would be soothed
by her presence.

I didn’t know that though that moment…
that minute when the ultrasound was still…
is seared deep into my soul,
time waits for no one.

Time that brings moments of joy
and more memories than I can count,
comes day by day
because His mercies are new every morning.

He is faithful.

day by day,
His mercy healed this aching heart.

Though at the time I wanted it healed quickly,
I see His hand all over the slow heal.

I see how He heard my cries
and how He held me.

I see the days that I thought were dark
were actually filled with His light.

I see how the months
of fading pain
made way for years of joy.

I see how He provided this
funny, sweet, silly girl
born months after her brother,
and how she might have been
born to heal this heart.

I see how He alone
in a million ways and more
has soothed this aching heart.

If your heart is aching in ways
you can’t even comprehend,
know this.

Know that He soothes the aching heart.

And, He wants to soothe yours.


**if you search “miscarriage” in the search box on the right side bar of this page, you can read more of my journey. I have four babies I’ve not met and I am confident that this healing journey will be complete when I see Jesus face to face.

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