seizing the moments that steal your breath…

In this journey toward
a life of gratitude,
I find myself wanting more moments
and less stuff.

More $.99 cone moments
and less Disney World debt.

More hot dogs done on the grill at the park with friends
and less fancy dinners out.

More homemade birthday parties
with games of
Capture the Flag
and Bang in the backyard
and less over-the-top birthday exhaustion.




Here’s the funny thing…
I think these moments have always been here.
I have just been so busy
chasing the dreams in my head,
I haven’t always seen the gifts in my hand.

I’m finally getting it.

It’s up to me
(and no one else)
to lay down my pipe dreams…
my desire to live large…
and my selfish desire to compete over birthday parties…

and seize the opportunity
in the moment.




The moments are there…

gifts quietly given by the One who loves me
more than I can comprehend.

It’s when I loosen my grip
that I see the fleeting moments.

And, when I open my hands wide
the moments come
and my heart seizes the memories
as my soul says
thank You!!!




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1 thought on “seizing the moments that steal your breath…

  1. Amen,and Amen…………………——————————————–

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