when you wonder where your moments worth seizing are…

When you desperately want a moment to seize
and instead you can’t find your next breath,
what do you do?

When you wonder what joy and simplicity look like
because your life is a rat race,
how do you get there?

When you look around and can’t see the forest
for the trees that block your path,
where do you go to find peace?

When you wonder why everyone else
has moments of joy,
how do you find yours?





Moments of joy are all around us
but like treasures of old,
they need to be discovered,
or opened.

It’s a mind that is trained to stop for a moment,
that knows the moments are just under the surface
of a busy life.

It’s eyes that are trained to look beyond the ordinary,
to see the deeper meaning in that span of time.

And, it’s ears that can filter through the noise of life,
to hear the twill of a robin over the ring of a phone.

Stopping to watch a child discover a ladybug…
to see the shadows move across the lawn…
or listening to someone rather than just a quick
“K. Thx.” text.

This is where the seizable moments are…
right in the middle of days, months, years,
moving at the speed of life.




The only way I know to seize these fleeting moments
is to snatch them up in words or in images.

Recorded here and in my gratitude journal
are moments that steal my breath
and it’s in the writing them down in words
that slows the passing of time
and allows me to remember them for what they were…

The phone in my pocket records for me as well.
I snap a photo to seize the moment…
to see again and to remember later the gift.

The more I stop, look, listen,
the more moments I find to seize.

And, the more moments I find to seize,
the more I slow down and savor this one life I’ve been given…
which allows me to discover more gifts.

It’s a beautiful cycle.




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