choosing wide open white spaces…

At 7:30 this morning I was rolling out pie crust.

The sky still dark with heavy rain clouds.
The only sound was my marble rolling pin
rubbing against the counter
and the tip-tap of rain falling onto the deck.

My girls were still sleeping.
My men had gone on to work and to school.

Flour covered my counter,
my sleeves,
and the dirty dishes in my sink,
yet, I found myself content in the moment.

A moment that required nothing more of me
that a simple task of mixing flour, shortening, and water.

A moment on the timeline of my life
that had just one task.

Far too often, I live life at warp speed…
attempting to accomplish far too much
in far too little time.

The more I attempt to do,
the less of me there is to do it.

I cannot choose to do everything
and choose to do it well.

Slowly, I’m learning to choose to say “no”
to events,
to opportunities,
to people,
to friends,
to loved ones…
so that I can choose to be in these moments
that make up this one life I’ve been given.

Saying “no” to the things that clammer to fill my calendar
is providing wide open white spaces in my life.

Wide open white spaces
to do things that I love to do.


***local friends…how bout a pie for Father’s Day? I’d love to trade you a freshly made pie topped with homemade whipped cream in exchange for a donation to our family’s next trip to the Dominican Republic.

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1 thought on “choosing wide open white spaces…

  1. tom/jean drummond June 4, 2014 — 9:06 pm

    Oh what a great idea- I’ll take a couple of pies – flavor choices??

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