real life lessons from my pretend pie shoppe…


I’m a dreamer at heart.

I dream of one day
owning and running a bookstore/bakery/coffee shop
where I write books and make pies for a living
with a new Macbook and a stainless steel kitchen
with three of every gadget
I’d would need.

In my real life,
I am Wife first, Mom second,
where I write lists
and sign permission slips and college applications
in a chaotic world splashed with every variation of
every color in the rainbow.

For a few hours last week,
my pretend world collided
with my reality
and I made 19 pies for Father’s Day
in my own non-stainless kitchen
and not a single one of those pies were for my own Dad. 😀

What a privilege to live my dream,
if only for a moment!


Those hours of mixing butter and flour
and rolling out dough
gave me time to ponder how I can make my dream into my reality.

This is what I hope I teach my children….

1. it takes a recipe …


Every dream needs a recipe…
a plan…
a map…
before it can become a reality.
You need to know where you are going
and how you want to get there.

Only rarely does a pie without a recipe
turn out.
Typically, not following a recipe
leads to a disaster.

Those who plan ahead,
see a disaster as a simple set-back
and have what it takes to correct
their mistake and to move on.

2. be sure to mix determination and hard work well


Just as the best pies recipe takes more than one ingredient,
the best dream recipe takes more than one character element…
and determination mixed with hard work
is worth it every time.

There are easy answers and shortcuts out there,
just as there are frozen warehouse pies in the
freezer section of the grocery store.
The problem?
Shortcuts always look cheap
and freezer pies always taste frozen.

The only way to homemade goodness
is to make it homemade.

3. bake with what you’ve got…


It’s easy to dream of bigger and better
and it’s easier to get derailed wishing
for something you don’t have.

If your oven only has room for one pie,
then you cook just one pie at a time.

One pie at a time
is far better than no pies at all.

And, if your pie crust falls off…
see number 1.

4. do your best to give more than is expected…
every time.


Dreams become reality
when people want what you offer,
come to you for that service,
and tell others about you.
Just think of what will happen
when you offer them more than they expect.

Not only will you surprise them,
you might make a new friend in the process…
and a friend is far better
than a repeat customer.


Maybe someday,
this dream will become my reality,
and maybe I will dream a different dream.

Either way…
I will keep dreaming.


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