in summer….


I feel a bit like Olaf these days.

It’s no secret that I haven’t been a big fan of summer
for a long time.

Summer is hot.
Summer is buggy.
Summer is busy.
Summer is hot.

Last summer, though, God started a change in me.
He taught me how to find gratitude even in the uncomfortable.
He showed me gifts under the mosquitos.
He pointed out moments in the busy.
By the end of last summer,
I became a fan.





There are two sides to every story and this summer,
I’ve decided to stop being my own worst enemy.

There is joy in summer,
I only had to be willing to see it.

In summer, there are hours at the lake and cousins to live them with.
In summer, there are berries to pick and pies to enjoy.
In summer, there are endless hours with friends and hillybilly swimming pools.
In summer, there are late sunsets and starry nights to experience.




So, I’ve turned my a/c on and stopped complaining about the hot.
and have become a fan of all that summer has to offer.

I might even start singing
in summer………..

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