on living at the county fair…

20140714-212653-77213791.jpg 20140714-212744-77264308.jpg 4H. It’s what we do… it’s who we are. Once again, we pulled our house on wheels two miles down the road and parked it at the Fair. We lived in it for a whole week and a day. 20140714-213020-77420968.jpg 20140714-213109-77469253.jpg Ellen showed ducks and the girls showed llamas and Eric came and went from work and football practice. image image 20140714-213409-77649258.jpg Every year is a variation on this theme, and every year I get overwhelmed, tired and grumpy. The Fair challenges my spacial issues… it’s crowded and loud and I have to share approximately 300 square feet with the four I love the most and whomever they bring along. It easily gets to be too much for my spacially challenged soul to handle… and for my heart that needs wide open spaces and room to breathe. Yet, on the very last day, my two girls redecorated the camper… hanging every ribbon ever won in nine years of 4H. They laughed and giggled and said, “remember this?” Later, on the very last night as we sat outside in the shadows of tractors and trucks getting ready to out pull each other, I heard my girls reminiscing of Fairs gone by… regaling my friend with memories and stories of the past. And, at the end of an equally short and long week, my tired and grumpy heart remembered why I choose to live at the Fair for a week each summer. 20140714-214832-78512565.jpg 20140714-214906-78546497.jpg 20140714-214937-78577427.jpgimage I do it for them. Simply put, it’s what we do. And, it’s what they remember most.

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